Ants!! :( Coming from electrical outlet, tried traps- now what?

Question:They are definitely coming from the outlet- we watched them! The three traps we have set don't work. They were name brand. We can't use spray b/c it's over our kitchen counter. Can we put some paste or something up to block them? I don't want to call an exterminator either. Any other suggestions- please??

Get the outlet plugs they use to keep toddlers out. Maybe put some Tero ant killer on it before you put it in.

that happened to me, i just sprayed the outlet and somehow it worked
Sprinkle salt all over the place - they hate that. I've also heard that vinegar works too, but I don't know.
anteater duh! or just use a vacuum and suck em up
Of course you can use spray. Cover the kitchen counter.
hey, do u know if u sprayed ants with aerosol, they'll fall to the left? i read it in a mag, but never tried... but r they really?
Sprinkle black pepper or flea powder as close as possible to the works like a charm
i would tape off the outlet with duckt tape for a week or so. Give it a try. I hate thoes pesky critters! LOL! Good luck! =)
the ants are coming from somewhere outside, so kill the source of the ants. and clean any food spills on the floor or counter, even if its just dry food crumbs.
The ants are coming in from outside, find out where they are outside and put comett along the area. They will not cross it....Nuf Said
Try different traps. Ants go through food phases depending on what's going on at the nest. when they want sugar, only sugar will do, but when they want protein/grease they will ignore sugar entirely.

Specifically look for traps that say they have more than one type of bait. If you cannot find those, buy a few different types.
duct tape the electrical outlet shut or yell in their ear for them to stop invading your kitchen.sooner or later, they'll realize that their path has been compromised and bail out to some other human's home that's easier to get into;)

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