Anyone know a way to get rid of indoor nats?

Question:They are all over outside, I live in So Cal. I have sterilized my indoor plants potting soil several times this season and they keep comming back and nesting in the pots. Any suggestions?

they like the moist soil, it is better if you let the plants soil get dried out, then only water one cup weekly, so that the plant gets the water it needs without making the soil stay wet,

i used to have that same problem, because i thought the plants had to keep moist soil, the nats kept coming, untill i started getting forgetful about watering, the soil got dried out, and i realized no more nats!

now my plants are growing beautifully, and no nats!


get some indoor snakes.
If you have a lot of fruits in your kitchen this may be why.
Last year I used Lemon dishsoap.I put some in a bowl and put abit of water in it and left it there and they was Dead By Evening.Good Luck. I know there very annoying
tell me about it...we sprayed rubbing alcohol around the wall but it colored the floor. we also tried sprinkling black pepper and rice crispies. we found out the cause of all the ants was a plant called peony that was planted beside the house. Peony's like ants... ever since we moved it we don't have that much of a problem.
Pour 1/2" of cider vinegar in a small bowl. Add two drops of unscented liquid dish detergent and let it sit. The gnats will come to it and drown.
Put a bowl of water with a few pieces of lemon wedges in it. It will attract all of your pests.

Also, make sure your fruit bowl isn't hiding a piece of rotting fruit - could be a secondary cause.
They are either coming from plants or your garbage disposal. Make sure you use clorax ( in disposal) or some other strong cleaning product. Also, check under the rubber stopper inside your sink disposal. This creates lots of black mildue and nats will eat off of this. This happened to me and when I clean it all out, nats were gone!

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