How can i make brick shine?

Question:a new brick entryway was installed however the brick itself is scratched up and still has mortar smears on it. how can I make the brick have a polished look?

The only way I can think of doing this would be to spray them with a clear varnish(of course after you remove whatever mortar you want) that should do nicely.

Paint it with several coats of gloss paint, the thicker the better.
The best way to make a brick shine ... is to make it feel good about itself
Very easy, get a water-based polyurethane in a gloss finish, Good luck Les the painter
use an epoxy sealer, like the kind they use on furniture and bar tops, it's expensive but it damn near indestructible,look to see if it's sprayable
Please listen carefully. You can make them shine. but you must first do an important and critical step. You must wash that wall with a acid solution. it is imperative that you do this, because if you don't, nothing will adhere to the wall. The acid solution will remove excess mortar and any efflorescence. there are products that have no fumes to do this. Once you clean the brick with the acid solution, there are plenty of products to give the brick a sheen. DO NOT use a silicone base product!! etch)
Beware of effervences. It's white powdery stuff that leaches out of brick as they dry from being wet down, hard to get rid of. Get a recommended brick sealer in a semi or gloss and seal them. Don't use epoxy unless you can afford a hotel for a night or two.
Acid wash will make it shine. You're welcome.
You simply need to "SEAL" it, just like they do to concrete and tile grout, have you seen shiny concrete in some Lowes stores? It will be protected from grease and mildew stains also. Brick Sealer
Most places that sell brick also sell a product called "glamour sheen". Put it on a rag, rub, that's it. The purpose of brick is defeated if you try to make it perfect and pretty. That product will cover just enough and shine just enough to enjoy without losing the brick ambiance. If there are really gross globs of mortar, scrape them off with a stiff putty knife before application.
Use a high gloss masonry sealer.
any spray on masonry sealer will bring out some shine, but wash it down with muriatic acid first and let dry.
Floor Sealer dude, we snagged a 5 gal from the home depot, it may take several coats like 3
RACIST! just find a picture of martin luther king jr and try to organize the bricks to look like him

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