How far down do you need to bury PVC pipes to avoid freezing?

Question:I am burying the pipes that carry our sump pump water away from the house, but am not sure how deep I need to bury the pipes so they won't freeze in winter

the standard distance is 18 to 24 inches and you can put fine gravel around it for drainage

Frost line varies depending on how far north you are, its up to 4 feet in Minnesota, 30 inches in plains Colorado and 12 inches in South Carolina.
that depends on the area you live, call your local hardware or plumbing store and ask how far the frost line is in your area, if the pipe you are putting in the ground is going to be walked or driven over that will drive the frost down and you will need to go deeper.
I go 12" in Texas course it dont get very cold here anyway
Depends on where you are. They obviously would have to be deeper in North Dakota than in Florida. Your local building department will be able to advise you.
It will depend upon your location... check with your local Home Depot or Tractor Supply type store ! Check out this link for some further information on PVC Irrigation and Winterization:

We didn't have problems with freezing, but with GOPHERS !! The pipes were deep enough, but the gophers gnawed thru the PVC irrigation pipes to create a gopher-bar
The standard is 18 inches, unless you live in Alaska!
just below the freeze line
my pipes are 12 " deep and have not froze in over 15 years
i am in north eastTexas
find out how deep is the frost line in your area and bury below frost line.
You should tell us what part of the country you live in so we can help.
In the mid-west its 3 1/2 feet. Northern Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin its more like 4 ft.
the most inportant thing is to have a positve dranage to the pipe. running water will not freeze standing water will freeze so advoid areas that will create standing . I think deep enought that a sod areator will not damage is good.
i am curious. is it carrying water from your cellar due to eain water, and does it carry it away in the winter too. if it isnt in operation in the winter, it doesnt have to be very deep,but i cannot give an answer on a broad question like this. i would only be guessing, and that will not help you. sorry.

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