What is the best adhesive for fixing polystyrene coving to a wallpapered wall and artexed ceiling.?

Question:I have tried a couple of adhesives but the coving is just not sticking to the paper and I'm reluctant to keep trying different glues as it's getting expensive.

no nails glue - sticks anything to anything!

wall tile adhesive, lay it on thick and it'll stick anything.
watch your artex'd ceiling doesnt peel off though.
and i suppose you may have a weight problem with tile adhesive as it takes a while to set.

how about some of those double sided foam sticky pads?
then plenty of paint to seal the whole lot shut..

probably not much help there.
you should be OK with polystyrene cove. the artex will be a bi trick cos you won't have a flat surface to stick to. You should try propping it up until the glue dries.
use a good wallpaper paste,and hold it in position by small panel pins under the bottom, or masking tape to the wall and ceiling
I have found Border Adhesive works well.
use decorators caulk its cheap and you can apply it with a mastic gun
Wall paper paste will do it. Make a thick mixture and clean the excess off with a clean damp cloth.
you re not really supposed to put coving on to wallpaper for a kick-off? line up your coving so its flat against the roof and wall,then what id do is draw a line with a sharp pencil underneath the coving, go along this line carefully with a craft or Stanly knife and remove the wallpaper so your coving will know be against the plaster? now every 300mm or so hammer in some 25mm panel pins? this will support your coving until the tile adhesive wears off?now when you offer up your coving and its resting on the bottom panel pins,knock in some more panel pins into the ceiling,so know your coving wont be going no-were,it will stay in position till the tile adhesive cures,when it has remove the pins,then go along the top and bottom with decorators caulk,this will fill in any gaps,and when emulsion ed will look as if Ive done it.brilliant?
no nails then panel pin to hold till set..a good tip wen using polystyrene coving is mixing up some wall filler and painting it on it gives a solid effect after a light sand and emulsion.

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