How do I clean up flannel sheets to stop them pilling?

I heard Shannon Lush (who wrote Spotless) say-so one day that if you purify flannelette sheets the first time a certain approach they won't make those little pilling ball. Does anyone know what to do?

Answers:    Wash your flannel sheets in one cup of White Vinegar lacking any detergent and fabric softners or dryer sheets, don't wipe up flannel in hot dampen as this causes them to shrink they are best wash in heat water, after you hold done this method the first time this will remove the pilling, then to keep hold of them from pilling add partially cup to your rinse water or newly add to the yard goods softener dispenser the next time you dry-clean them you can do this often if you decision to keep your flannel sheets nice and smooth Good Luck !
Wash the sheets 2 or 3 times until that time you use them to get rid of adjectives the loose fibers. Just be sure to clean your lint trap after, because it will be full of flannel lint! Washing them and after drying on low will reduce the pilling once you initiate to use them. Good luck! I always mop up ours in cold hose on medium speed contained by the front load washer. They are 6 years matured and haven't pilled up at all. Top nouns washers are very frozen on laundry and can cause pilling as can hot sea.

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