How can I get rid of this smell in my washer?

Question:My washer smells like mildew. What causes this and how can I get rid of it? Please help!

Try this:
Wash a load of hot water with a cup of bleach
Wash a load of hot water with 2 cups of white vinegar

If the vinegar smell lingers, wash a load of just water

This should take the mildew smell away.

To prevent the mildew smell from returning, keep the washer lid open between washings. Closing it keeps moisture inside and promotes mildew growth.

If the smell persists, you may have standing water under the washing machine basket. At that point you may need to get a repair person to replace the basket or fix a leak if there is one.

It may be because you leave your wet clothes in there for too long. Try cleaning it.
Run the washer just hot water an put some bleach in it that should do the trick
Fill it with hot water, double detergent and 2 cups of bleach.
Do NOT add clothes. Let it run through a cycle. If you don't have a presoak cycle, leave the lid up and let it sit an extra 15 minutes. If that doesn't do it, repeat using some pinesol,
and soaking.
Probably because you have mildew! It's a common problem in warm and/or humid climates.

Run the empty washer on HOT with bleach to kill the mildew. This should get rid of the smell. Afterwards, whenever you finish doing laundry leave the lid/door to the washer open so it can dry out between loads. That's what keeps the mildew at bay for me.
i had this happen to me too, i put bleach in and ran it through the cleans it up...depending on the washer u should do this once in awhile just to prevent the smell
I hope the smell is comming from inside the washer. Run it through the wash cycle empty( no Cloths) and add a box of baking soda in the wash cycle.
I think you might want to check behind or under the washer for a water leak from a feed hose or the discharge line. Most mildew smells go away after the wash cycle. You may have bigger problems. Sorry..
Try Purewasher from
This stuff really works...I had major problems with a mildew odor in my washing machine, which then also transferred over to all of my towels. I used it once through my machine as per the directions, and then again with all of my towels, and the smell has been gone ever since, about 9 months now! I've also stopped using liquid detergent and fabric softener, and switched to powder, which makes a huge difference. Liquid detergents tend to build up, which can cause a mildewy odor.
You can run one of these in the washer by its slef in hot water to try and get the smell out. Vinagar, Bleach or Baking Soda. Good luck.

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