What happens if you inhale to much bleach?

Question:I used Lysol with bleach to clean my bathroom but I'm afraid I used to much. My eyes started watering and now I have a cough.

Ok. So you were cleaning with the Lysol cleaner which contains bleach, not mixing Lysol and Bleach as others have suggested.
According to the MSDS for Bleach:
"Harmful if inhaled. Causes severe irritation of upper respiratory tract with coughing, burns, breathing difficulty, and possible coma. May cause pulmonary edema and severe respiratory disturbances. "

If your symptoms do not improve, I'd go to the Dr.'s. Next time make sure you use that cleaner in a well ventilated area (open windows).

At the very least it can cause your throat to be very sore. If you inhaled too much of it, then it can burn the lining on your trachea (breathing tube) and cause you to keep coughing. Go see a doctor!

In the future don't mix anything with clorox! It's very dangerous! I mixed ammonia with clorox once and I had a severe asthma attack.
Sounds like it might have had chlorine in it. You should be sure you get fresh air for a good long time, an hour or so, and then call the ER if you're still not recovering. Try drinking just a little bit of milk and see if you feel a little better.
It probably irritated your lungs. If it persists for more than two days, have a doctor check it.
You probably got mild chemical burns to your lungs. Lungs, sinus cavities, mucous membranes, and eyes are very senstive to chlorine. It should clear up in a day. If it doesn't or gets worse, then see a doctor.

Also, never mix ANYTHING with bleach. Clean with bleach alone or don't use bleach. Same goes for ammonia. Never mix cleaning chemicals. Wait for one to rinse away/dry/evaporate before using another. ALWAYS use them in a well-ventilated room. In the future, if you're very sensitive to chlorine, wear gloves, eye goggles, and a carbon-filtered breathing mask that will cover your nose and mouth.
Go outside to breath as much fresh air as possible.

Exhale as deeply as possible to get it out of your lungs.After you think you are through exhaling, blow out as long as you possibly can, there is always a lot more air in the bottom of your lungs. Good Luck.

Water it down next time. You may have to wash it more but as least it will not gas you.

I have done this to myself in our enclosed shower. So you are not alone.

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